Principal red inmobiliaria en España y Portugal


Comprarcasa, API Real Estate Network is an association of Real Estate Agents whose aime since its inception has been the collaboration between agencies. Sharing is what sets us apart from other brands, making us leaders in the brokerage in real estate nationwide

All partner agencies are API collegiate and active, which is a guarantee of professionalism and protection of the rights of consumers and users.

Our reason for being are our partners and our goal job well done.

Comprarcasa Real Estate Services was the first network to possess the ISO 9001:2007 quality certification awarded by AENOR, ensuring quality of services offered to its members

So we manage other business alternatives so they can diversify and generate benefits of the network's commitment is based on the optimization of resources so be associated comprarcasa of having advantageous agreements with utilities, real estate portals, insurance agencies .... etc, that will make the monthly expenses of the agency are lower in Real Estate Network API.

Comprarcasa is much more than Real Estate Network is a concept of collaboration among colleagues for whom customer satisfaction is the main objective.

More than 150 associate offices comprarcasa make a major national real estate networks.

Real estate network

The real estate network API find the home you're looking for. There is an API agent near you. Find it.

The real estate network API is the largest association of real estate agents in Spain, and the one composed exclusively of Real Estate Agents, professionals with specific training for brokering real estate transactions.

The intervention of the API in the real estate transaction is a guarantee of professionalism and protection of the rights and interests of both buyer and seller.
Comprarcasa meets the MLS, with all properties in the portfolio API in Spain associated with the network

All the properties of the real estate network APIs are available to you at any of the offices of the associated API and in addition you can look through the website and the magazine Comprarcasa that will facilitate your Agent API.